Thursday, February 27, 2014

One year birthday and well check

Evelyn is now one year old! Her party was a great success; we had 18 adults and 2 kids attend. There were two other kids invited but their grandparents were in town visiting so they couldn't come. Mat's parents came and so did his sister Tara and her husband Kerry. We had our usual neighbor crew and our friends Sam and Amanda flew in from Dallas to celebrate with us.

I felt very emotional on February 20th - Evelyn's actual birthday. On that day in 2013 we hadn't met her yet. We were first introduced to her the afternoon of February 21st. When we were newly placed with her I used to have to stop and think about what date her real birthday was on when filling out forms at her doctor. It seems so strange to think we have been her parents for an entire year and that she is no longer an infant but now considered a toddler.

She is the sweetest and sassiest little girl and such a joy to be around. She's really funny and already knows how to shoot some looks (wonder where she gets that from?).

This is her actual party outfit. It was cold the day of the party and she wore white leggings with lace trim underneath the tutu. The headband and bodysuit were a custom order from Etsy. 

She had two birthday outfits (of course) and we had a little photo shoot the day before her birthday. She didn't want me to brush her hair but she had no problem using her brush as a pointer. 


I didn't have a 12 month photo of her to finish out my 1-12 month display. This was taken the morning of her party before she went to breakfast with Mat and his family. She was watching t.v. and seriously not interested in having her picture taken. 

Some of you may know that I had walking pneumonia while trying to make the decorations and get the house ready for this party. It was not fun. I made the happy birthday banner and will make sure to choose darker letters in the future so you can actually see what it spells out from a distance. 

The Cupcake Cruiser made all the cupcakes. They are a local husband/wife team who sell their cupcakes out of a cute food truck during the summer. The truck is a diesel so they don't operate it in the winter. They cater parties/weddings out of their kitchen the remainder of the year.  I am seeing a summer cupcake party in our future where they drive the truck to my house and Evelyn and all her friends can place their order at the side window. How adorbs would that be?
The "smash cake" (jumbo cupcake) is in the middle. We got a dozen funfetti cupcakes with fresh strawberries and cream inside with vanilla buttercream. Holy mother those cupcakes were delish!

The rest of the cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate chips inside and tinted pink vanilla buttercream. Those didn't disappoint either. 

My sister made rice krispy treats and I whipped up some pink frosting for a few of them. We also had cupcake tins full of pink/purple MMs, cotton candy flavored taffy and topped with the cupcake lollipops you see in this picture. 

I also put together a handful of flower arrangements on the table here and a few other areas in the house. 

This is the 1-12 month photo display. I made all of it except the wreath form. I love it and it's still hanging up in the dining room actually. I am also going to be that obnoxious parent that continues to do monthly pictures so watch for those on Instagram. I already bought the 13-24 month stickers! 

The gift table. Molly and I made cupcake garland from cupcake wrappers. The small one is here and the big mama one hung above the party table. It was really fun and easy to make. We did collect wrappers for at least a week though. I swear, we bought them at every store we went to. 

Here's her highchair. I wanted to make a pennant banner that said ONE but I have had issues trying to find plastic stencils. Everyone uses Cricuts or printable letters online for things like this. I wanted the old school, trace and cut letters but I seriously cannot find stencils. The stencils I used for the Happy Birthday banner were borrowed from our local scrapbook store (yes, they are cool and let me borrow their store set as long as I brought in the finished product for them to see). I had already returned the stencils by the time I thought of the ONE banner idea and I didn't want to push my luck and ask to borrow them again. Instead I attempted to make a high chair tutu. That thing was an abomination and tulle sucks. Believe it or not, you are looking at 8 yards of tulle. If you are ever buying a handmade tutu for a little girl, don't balk at the price. I used to until I tried making one myself.  

Very serious on party day. 

Our family.

She was more interested in her squeaker frog than she was the cupcake. 

Before we brought out her cupcake. 

Too bad you can't see her top front teeth in this picture. They're both coming in. Right now she still only has her bottom two.  

This is her friend Emma. Emma's mom made her that adorable cupcake t-shirt to wear for the party. I bought the girls pink satin party hats with a cupcake appliqu├ęd on them...and couldn't find them on the day of the party. That's mom brain for ya. 

Maybe this isn't so bad after all. 

I know some of the pics are out of order. But I am blogging from my new Mac Book and it's....weird. I am still trying to transfer all my photos and files from my PC laptop and struggling. I haven't had more than 20 minutes each day to spend with the Mac so I am still lost. Hopefully I'll get some free time once my parents arrive. In fact, Molly and Chris move out this Saturday and my parents arrive Sunday. Our entire downstairs has been torn apart so major cleaning will have to happen and I need to re-establish my sewing area and bring all my scrapbook stuff back up to the ding room. What? You think dining rooms are for eating dinner? Not at our house! 

The little Bug had her one year well check today. She is recovering from a sinus infection and right ear infection so I wasn't sure if they'd give her shots or not. They did. If she isn't running a fever they go ahead and do it. She's on antibiotics and drinking Pedialyte and is about three days in on that. Her ear is getting better and they no longer hear chest congestion. She did get five shots and some blood drawn from her big toe. It sucked all the way around. She screamed bloody murder and looked at me with helpless, pitiful eyes. Before all the torture began, she was given kudos for being smart, healthy and right on track. She weighs 26lbs, is 30 1/2" long and her head circumference is 18 1/2". She's in the 95% percentile and I thank my lucky stars daily for having a healthy, strong little girl. We will soon start the transition from formula to whole milk (I already semi-started and she did fine). What she will struggle with (I think) is giving up the bottle. The Dr. suggested I go cold turkey and just switch her and have her drink all her milk (whether it's formula or cow's milk) out of her sippy cup. I tried it about an hour ago and she looked at me like "what the hell is in this sippy cup?" So yeah, it's about what I expected. I'm not going to rush it and I have no real deadline in mind. Milk from a bottle is comfort for her at night especially so we'll just take it a day at a time. Although her father cannot wait to get rid of the formula all together because we will save a boatload of money.

All in all, we have had a wonderful first year with this girl and love her so much. I know you can't tell just how much she's loved by the looks of that gift table. ;)  


  1. Aww...felt like I was there. Sounds and looks like she was a happy little girl! I sure do miss her! Love yall!

  2. Love, Love, Love everything. You did an awesome job Mommy!!! I am still in shock it has been a year. I still get chills remembering when Derek told me. Of course he had no details, so I had to call you and get all the information.

    Also, don't feel bad about the bottle. Payton kept her one nightly bottle until she was almost 18 months old. Love you guys and I hope we can come up and see you soon.

  3. The party was so fun! Emma loves Evelyn so much and talks about her every day. :)

    Bottle to sippy cup was a hard transition in our house and didn't happen until she was well past one year old... and you won't really save that much money cause you'll be buying a crapload of milk, lol.